E4: Alizé Cornet

E4: Alizé Cornet


In this episode, Alize reflects on her tennis career and the challenges of balancing professional pressure with personal well-being. She discusses the crucial importance of mental health for athletes and shares her journey through struggles with identity and depression, influenced by the demanding nature of competitive sports. Alize credits her family for their support and acknowledges recent improvements in mental health awareness in sports. Additionally, she expresses regret over certain career decisions, particularly regarding scheduling. The episode is particularly notable as Alize announces her retirement, marking a significant transition in her life and emphasizing her message of resilience and the need for joy beyond one's professional endeavors.

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Brilliant episode, Alizée is full of character, strength and wisdom. Great insights and self-reflection about her career and the life of a full time athlete. Wishing her all the best in her new career 💫

Caroline Simonnet

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