E3: Gaël Monfils

E3: Gaël Monfils

In this episode, Gaël Monfils shares his comprehensive journey in tennis, from early beginnings influenced by a competitive spirit to facing the challenges of professional sports. He discusses the importance of enjoying the process, embracing the sacrifices, and the continuous learning curve despite victories or losses. Monfils emphasizes the value of personal growth, the impact of family and friends on his career, and the balance between competitive ambition and personal happiness. He also reflects on the evolution of his game, influenced by playing against tennis legends, and his perspective on success, legacy, and the future beyond tennis.
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Thanks Borja and Caro for these inspiring stories 👏🏼
Looking for the next ones ⭐️

Léa Vasseur

Great Episodes. It’s hard to pick my favorite so far. But after watching so many games of Gael Monfils and listening to his mindset and clarity of what living a joyful life means. I would say this is definitely my favorite one. Thanks, Caro, for sharing these great stories with us.

Karem Mendoza

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