E5: Andrey Rublev

E5: Andrey Rublev


In Episode 5, Andrey Rublev delves into the mental and emotional challenges of recovering from injuries, which reshaped his outlook on tennis and life. He reflects on the importance of gratitude, the influence of his long-term coach, and his ventures beyond the court, including his own foundation and clothing brand. This episode highlights Rublev's journey from a junior talent to a resilient top professional, emphasizing personal growth and a deep appreciation for the game.

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You are my most watch male tennis player. I see such good in you; your kindness is infectious. Kindness can not be bought, it comes from the heart; and you have a big heart. Your game will come back, no worries. You shine bright!

Charine Dais

You’re one of my favorite players Andrey, you wear your heart on your sleeve and are passionate about what you do. I worry sometimes seeing you being so hard on yourself in a loss, I know a lot is at stake but I just wish you appreciate the effort you make every day. You’re a kind, wonderful human- that’s what matters the most. I hope you’re getting some help to channel these intense emotions a bit more constructively. Thank you Caro for this interview, keep it coming 😊


Hello andrey i like to listen to your lovely accent see your sweet face and watch your tennis you are fun and funny love barb and koko

Barbara Hustwick

Andréi, you are a very big influence for my son and me in tennis, and YOU HAVE SUCH A HUGE LIGHT THAT MAKES YOU SHINE AS A PERSON, WE ADMIRE YOU VERY MUCH MY CHILD

Ma. Dolores Lopez

Дорогой Андрей, если бы ты только знал, какое влияние ты оказал на мой теннис, как технически, так и морально. Вы — подарок этому миру, и нам повезло, что вы у нас есть!


Fatima Moti

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